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Tide Debit Card

The bank card as we know it has been reimagined by banking startup Tide. Tide’s debit card is vertical rather than following the traditional landscape format. ‘We’ve been studying the way that people interact with their banking cards, and we believe that this new design reflects how people actually use cards today,’ the startup explains on its website.

The vertical format responds to how we insert cards into ATMs, slot them into terminals when making payments and keep them in the back of smartphones. Tide’s redesigned debit card also shows the cardholder’s name and banking details on the reverse, keeping the front of the card clean.

Created by Tide’s in-house design team, the card’s form follows its function. It’s also a design choice that aims to differentiate Tide users. The distinct, deep blue colour and minimal front will be conversation starters – a clever marketing tactic used by other fintech companies whose products are designed to stand out both in your wallet and when in use.For questioning how we use bank cards

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