Services Exploring how consumer behaviour can enhance the consumer experience

How we add value

Gathering insight to measure your approach

Our research is born out of a genuine interest in consumer behaviour and innovation, giving us the drive to find the specific and nuanced insights that make the difference between your product being marketable and award-winning. We gather information from a variety of sources as the foundation for our research.

– literature reviews
– communication audits
– competitor profiling
– industry trends and attitudes
– quantitative user data

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Providing definition for your ideas

As we move further into client and customer-need driven innovation, design and marketing, understanding your core audience is tantamount to a brand’s success. We meet with both customers and clients to develop concepts through a series of design sprints.

– qualitative user data
– ethnographic research
– focus groups
– rapid prototyping

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Validating your route to success

We push forward with our ideas to resolve them into a definable experience.

– user-testing
– A/B testing
– analytics review
– design iterations