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Nokia 3310

The reinvented Nokia 3310 takes the design of the classic mobile phone and reimagines it for today. With the 3310, Nokia is delving into its past and bringing back one of its most popular models at the height of smartphone age.

The updated phone offers calling, texting, a clock, a camera, limited web browsing and the much-loved Snake game. It replaces the original’s small display with a larger colour screen, and offers 22 hours of talk time from a single charge. Perhaps most appealing is the fact that the battery will keep running for 31 days in standby mode.

The new 3310 is designed for little more than talking, texting and playing games. But the appeal of the phone is not the features or the connectivity, it’s the familiarity and the basic functionality. Next to an iPhone or Android, the stylish “dumb” phone makes a statement by harking back to simpler times.

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