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Gathering insight to measure your approach

The ability to uncover relevant and insightful research across industries and trends is at the core of what we do here at Amy.

Our research is born out of a genuine interest in consumer behaviour and innovation, giving us the drive to find the specific and nuanced insights that make the difference between your product being marketable and award-winning.

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Providing definition for your ideas

We write reports to consolidate our audience insights with our strategic research to provide a comprehensive understanding of our findings as applied to a specific industry, trend, or the cross-section of both.

Though our reports can often be applied across sectors, we also write commissioned reports if you require something more specific.

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Gathering insight to measure your approach

As we move further into client and customer-need driven innovation, design and marketing, understanding your core audience is tantamount to a brand’s success.

We carry out both qualitative and quantitative research across demographics to create reports that can be applied to a number of sectors. If you require tailored information outside of our existing database, this is also something we can provide.