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ClassPass Go, a free app from the fitness class subscription service, hosts a wide range of guided audio workouts. The app provides an extensive and growing library of on-demand digital fitness content, This includes more than 500 audio workouts available across a variety of activities, from HIIT and strength training, to running and yoga. Classes, which range from 5 to 90 minutes, can also be filtered by instructor and difficulty level.

The majority of fitness apps require users to refer back to their phones regularly, unless they are very familiar with the exercises and routines. ClassPass Go still offers a visual index, but the guided audio element is a practical and useful development in the digital fitness space.

With new classes being added every month, the app is appealing for the variety it offers users, and the flexibility it allows. It empowers people to take control of their fitness and personalise their approach and routine. It also means people can access workouts wherever they are, most significantly in markets where ClassPass and its traditional offering have no physical presence.

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